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Why replace your bathtub or cover it up with an insert when bathtub refinishing can restore it like new for less time and cost? Everett, MA 2149 - (844) 529-5817

We serve & See Your Tub In A New Light Everett, MA 2149

We can bring back your bathtub and transform the look of your bathroom at the price you want, without tearing up your bathroom! Instead of going through the cost, trouble, and mess of replacing a bathtub, our experienced team can give you the appearance of a brand new tub at a fraction of the cost and time!

Why replace, when you can refresh? - Everett, MA 2149: (844) 529-5817

Our innovative bathtub refinishing system will restore old bathtub fixtures to a beautiful "like new" condition in just a few hours. The process is a less expensive alternative to complete bathtub refinishing or complete replacement. We also offer our hotel industry-proven Bathtub & Tile Refinishing System for old bathtub and tile areas that may need full refinishing or colour changes. With our vast nationwide network; no job is too small or too large.

Bathtub Refinishing & Reglazing Services we provide:
-Bathtub & Tile Refinishing
-Bath Installation
-Tub & Shower Wall Surrounds
-New Tub & Shower Units
-Full Bathroom Remodeling

Bathtub Liners and Refinishing service we provide MA, 2149 - (844) 529-5817
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